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docOPD introduces India's First Health Card with unique benefits and aim to reduce out of pocket medical expense by 50% & to make primary medical services accessible to all at low cost. Now stay connected with Medical Expert anytime anywhere. Subscribe to docOPD Health Programs based upon your health requirements and stay healthy. Add your spouse and avail health benefits for two children FREE!! - Caring Health with Trust.


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Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Share your medical reports with our experts through unique EHR which is Discreet, Private and Secure platform - HIPPA Compliance. It is simple, upload your medical anytime, anywhere & request for FREE Medical Opinion from Medial Experts.

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docOPD offers FREE Health benefits to non-paid members as well, such as Free Second Opinion, Discounted Health Test, Discount on Medicines & many more. Avail only through mobile app registration. With paid subscription starting from INR 999 / year - Guaranteed Upto 70% Saving on OPD Medical Expense